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Double Bird Cage With Center Divider

This is a beautiful and sturdy Double bird cage With a Center divider, it is an enticing addition to your aviary and will keep your parrots free and happy.

Double Bird Cage With Center Divider Walmart

This combination lock Double bird cage With Center Divider is a fantastic alternative to keep two birds entertained and safe, the sturdy construction means that you can easily keep one of the birds With you when you're out of the cage, and the Center Divider makes it basic to find where one bird is left and the other is right. This cage comes in both a small and a large size, making it best-in-class for both small and large birds, this lot is for 2 birds and renders a Center Divider to keep them from flying in space. The cages are made of sturdy wood and are about 1-2' tall, they are place in a fun green color and have white feathers on their head. These cages will keep your birds safe and make them feel like they are in the sky, this Double bird cages With Center dividers is an outstanding substitute to make sure your birds are getting back to their other activities. The dividers make it basic to monitor and train them while the top location provides some protection from predators, this is a first rate value 4 stack lock Double aviary bird cage With Center divider. This ike grants a comfortable and construction, the is a first rate size for any bird collection.