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Dynasty Bird Cage

This top-rated old cages comes from china in the 18 th century and is complete with a gilded or jaguar box which is now on display at the new york zoological society, it is a beautiful addition to your.

Dynasty Bird Cage Amazon

This chinese wood carving Dynasty palace birdcage is an incredible piece of art! It is a peerless opportunity for purchase and would be a top-of-the-line addition to your home or office! This beautiful wood carving of a birdcage was created in the early 1800 s by a chinese woodcarver, it is a beautiful addition to all Dynasty home, and can add interest and value. This magnificent birdcage statue is an excellent addition to Dynasty birding room or home, the high-quality chinese bronze is in use since the early 1800 and it is and in good condition. The statue is about 12, 5 inches tall and renders a standing position and is a com and a filtering device. This chinese bronze Dynasty birdcage statue is a must-have for any chinese Dynasty home, this sculpture is manufactured of bronze and is currently on display in our store. The chinese Dynasty birdcage is an essential part of any chinese Dynasty home, it is a beautiful piece of art and is a top-grade addition to all empire.