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Bird Cage Wire

This sterling little bird house is splendid for an 14 small parakeet bird! It's uncomplicated to put together with just four pieces that you put together (including the feet), and it takes about hour to put together, the bird house is a fantastic substitute to keep your finches around and provide them with a happy home, while also with a bit of space for their droppings.

Top 10 Bird Cage Wire

This bird cage is first-class for 18 small parakeets, it is manufactured of plastic and metal, and provides enough space for them to hike and play. The metal bars keep the birds from getting up in arms, and the plastic bars protect them from getting scared, there is furthermore a small opening for their feathers to air, so that the birds can air-dance and explore. It is produced of sturdy Wire and extends a door to enter and leave the bird, the parakeets have a small room to play in and a door to restrict access. The parakeets will also like to eat from a bird dish, this bird house is best-in-the-class for finches, canaries, and other small birds. This bird cage is a first-class substitute to keep two very active and playful parakeets together! The bar-style cage is basic to close and contains 14 small parakeets, this purchase will help keep their space clean and fresh for their little ones. The parakeets will be able to explore and learn from each other, this bird cage is practical for a parakeet or canaries! It is manufactured of Wire and is sensational for a small bird like you! It fits together smoothly and is hanging posts and stems. You'll have a cute place to.