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Double Stack Bird Cage

This is an unrivaled Double Stack bird cage for the market, it comes with four cages, each of which can be locked in place with a combination lock and Double bird cages. The allows fora comfortable and sturdy reading seat for the birds.

Double Stacked Bird Cage

This Double Stack cage is a top-grade alternative to dum with some peace of mind, it is fabricated to multiple types of birds and gives a center divider for uncomplicated assembly. This cage also features canary eyes and is stackable for facile transport, this is an enticing cage for two birds or one bird, with its high-quality construction and uncomplicated to-use controls, makes it a terrific pet or bird home. This Double Stack bird cage is a top-of-the-line addition to your bird feeder, it imparts two layers of strong metal that are enticing for keeping your bird in top condition. The pick-up feature keeps your bird out of trouble and ready to fly, this product is a stackable bird cage with four locks that allow two birds to be together or left alone. The cages come with a center dividers to decide which bird is in each pen.