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Bird Cage 30x18x18

This 30 x18 x18 bird cage is a beneficial substitute to keep your birds safe and happy, the divider 30 x18 x18 h withstands your power while they are on the go. It is a best-in-class fit for all types of cages and is fabricated of sturdy materials.

Bird Cage 30x18x18 Walmart

This bird cage is for the 30 x18 x18 inch bird family, it is fabricated of heavy duty materials to ensure the bird's safety and heartache free. This cage provides 4' of space inside for the bird's toys, food, water and rest, the cage also includes a five pool for the bird to play in and a single door to keep the bird tidy. It is produced of high-quality materials and is sure to provide your bird with a good home, the divider rolling stand ensures that your bird always safe and well-treated. This set of 3 bird carrier cage with central is a top alternative to protect your bird from the rain or sun, the 30 x18 x18 breedings make it a high-quality cage and the central makes sure your bird is safe and secure. This large lot of four aviary cages is designed to house a maximum of four bird species, the 30 x18 x18 x18 care is determined by the length of the divider line between the 18 x18 x18 h squares. The 18 x18 x18 h square is set up to have a long wire coiling phrase "3" on one side and a short "18" on the other, this is to create a "3" in the center of the square. The other two sides are set up with 18 x18 x18 h squares, the square with the "3" is on the left side and the other square is on the right. The 30 x18 x18 x18 care is 4 on one side and 6 on the other, the purpose of the divider line is to have the aviary cages with a maximum of four bird species.