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Singing Bird Cage

Looking for a new and exciting surrogate to keep your Singing bird in your backyard? Examine this new original condition Singing bird cage! This american-made piece of german culture and art is well made and works well, suitable for a standard bird of about 50-arden length, it imparts a clear plastic bird feeder for and a small plastic birdhouse. The all-black powder-coated bird is attractive and well-crafted, with small, white and black birds on a dark brown ground sheet, the caged bird is small and making a bit of a sound, but it will bring a smile to your bird feeder every time you see it.

Mechanical Singing Bird Cage

This is a mechanical Singing bird cage that needs lubrification, it is not over-wound and needs to be done by the creditor. It is not secure against fall or being pulled down by the weight, this bird cage is good for two birds. It is manufactured of metal and plastic and grants a lot of features including two swinging doors, an elevated position for the birds, and a light, the cage is basic to clean and is an unequaled addition to all bird garden. This is an antique Singing bird cage made by in german automaton style, it is about 25 inch tall and provides a green and brown leather cover. It is original and in sensational condition, this is a vintage battery operated bird cages automaton that works with a chirping bird. The car is on a stand and presents ing, the bird is automatic, and extends a test sentence: "i'm a little bird, but i can talk.