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Large Bird Cage

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Big Bird Cage

This big bird cages are sensational for your next aviary, they are one story enclosure with a three foot wide by two foot wide bottom plate. The cage extends been finished with a hardwood floor and white borders, the entire enclosure is covered in a small amount of feathers, making it look like there is bird after bird. The birds are small enough to suit in the bird caged up under this big bird cage, this is a top-of-the-line set up for your aviary and is exceptional for your bigoted parakeets, lovebirds, and finches. This Large bird cages is a top addition to your pet conure or macaw, it extends a hard-shell housing them and you can see the color in the photo. The play top caged gives your pet a play space to explore and bird feed, the caged gives them a chance to show off their play skills to you and also increases the population. Our extra Large bird cages are top for larger birds or animals, they can have plenty of play and fleece with them, making them terrific for a responsibility list or new home. Our cages are also welded with heavy-duty wire mesh to ensure a long lasting performance, this giant bird cage is for my cockatiels in a black finish. It is 52" wrought iron and is Large enough to handle the birds but not so Large that it becomes a challenge to move, the bird box as well well-made and fit for a Large bird. The caged bird provides a fun activity for the birds and is facile on their eyes.