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Small Bird Cage

This is a Small bird cage for finches, canaries, and hanging travel bird house, it is produced of sturdy materials and is a top-rated choice to keep your parakeets safe and secure.

Small Bird Cage For Travel

This Small bird cage is top-quality for Small birds that want to travel or stay home from the dog, it is produced of metal and plastic for a secure fit and it imparts two door panels for added protection. The cage also includes two wires so Small birds can be sure to find their new home, this small, simple bird cages for finches, canaries, and horses is first-class for two it's basic to set up and downsize your pet finches, canaries, or horses. The bird house is Small and lightweight, making it basic to transport, it imparts two wire hangers for snuggling up with your pet. This is an 14"x14"aio metal bird cage made from strong and sturdy mesh, it is a fantastic place to put a fiddle-tailed parakeet, canary, or other Small bird. The mesh allows for a few perches and is very stable, the construction makes it facile to clean. This transport bird cage is an exceptional surrogate for 14 Small parakeet birds to feel at home, the soft, soft fabric is machine-washable and wrinkle-resistant. It comes with an airtight seal and is straightforward to close and locks in place, the parakeets have uncomplicated to adopt electrical access to the outdoors and will be able to explore the world.