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Heavy Duty Bird Cage

This heavy-duty bird cage is prime for your pet birds! It is 18 x 14 x22 inches and will accommodate 2 birds easily, the metal hanger is long and sturdy, making it facile to operate and manage. This cage also renders a built-in bird food bowl, so you can keep your bird feeder clean and happy.

Top 10 Heavy Duty Bird Cage

The heavy-duty bird cage is top-notch for Heavy bird birds or pigeons, the parrot cage is large enough to tailor all of your bird needs, while the bird cage provides plenty of space for your bird to grow and learn. The green fabric is a cool design that will make your cage stand out, this heavy-duty bird cage is practical for your animals that desire to fly around. The sturdy construction means that your pet won't be hurt and you'll be able to keep them safe and healthy, this cages also comes with a feeding bowl and stand, so you can easily take it with you when you go. It is manufactured of durable aluminium and extends a small aviary in the middle, you can keep your animals in and out of the air quickly and easily. The house cage is in like manner straightforward to clean and is first-rate for small animals, this heavy-duty portable bird cages are top-rated for keeping your birds in one big happy spot! The cages are made of durable materials that will last for many years, making them a valuable surrogate for reptile keepers or for use when travelling. The play stand and feeders are first-rate for bringing your birds up to speed with their pet's new friend, and the play stand is an excellent substitute to keep your birds comfortable and happy.