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Trixie Bird Cage

This Trixie bird cage is dandy for your bird! It's uncomplicated to set up and you can change the design as you please, the Trixie design means your bird can have some style and style is outstanding for modern birds. The bird cage is additionally straightforward to clean - and then you're ready to enjoy your Trixie bird cage.

Trixie Aviary Bird Cage

The Trixie aviary is an unique bird cages where you can find beautiful parakeets and little birds, this is a fantastic spot for when you want to get a little bit of exercise and to keep the high. This Trixie natura aviary bird cage is a small, caged bird nesting natural coconut bedding material, it's also made from durable budgie cockatiel material and provides a nice, clear off-access to the garden. This Trixie natura aviary is an excellent way to provide your bird with a new environment and nectar source! This Trixie set of wooden perches - bird cage perch in packs - budgie etc plastic tip is excellent for getting your bird close to the sun and sweet potatoes, it gives a cute design and is good for a small or open bird. This perch is top-notch for open or small birds, this Trixie natura grants two different sizes of cages to tailor different bird types and weights. It is sterling for keeping your green birds in a comfortable setting, and 2 x Trixie universal clip cuttlefish holders for small animal cage is 2 sizes is excellent for perch birds like trixie, with a comfortable fit and uncomplicated to care for, this bird aviary is a valuable surrogate to keep your animals comfortable and happy.