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Pawhut 65 Aviary Bird Cage

This is a high-quality Aviary for parakeets and macaws, designed to be large and spacious, it grants a large cages with a variety of birds, from parakeets to macaws. The color and design are top-notch, and 65 inch large outdoor Aviary bird cage is a peerless spot for your birds to escape into the sun and play.

Pawhut Aviary Bird Cage

This is an 26 inch outdoor Aviary for parakeets and macaws that we provide in our house, this 64 inch Aviary is top for houses that have an outside space to run and play. The comfortable, large space is top-of-the-heap for holding or new parakeets and macaws, the 65 inch size is top for larger animals or cages for fish. This Aviary also comes with a parrot house that is terrific for keeping your pet with plenty of room to run and explore, this outside bird cages for65 inch with a house for parakeet is unequaled for holding or contains 65 inch parakeets and offers a comfortable place to hold them. The top quality materials make this is a high-quality cages for your parakeet and pet parrot, this is a large, open-top Aviary that is top for a variety of birds. The green and color scheme with its makes this cage stand out, and the house is only 55 inch in diameter. With its natural look and tacos feel, this Aviary is top-quality for both parakeets and parrots, this large outdoor Aviary is unequaled for your favorite parakeets or parrots! It is manufactured from 65 inch long steel-frame cage and imparts a small home for you and your pet. The perch area is additionally large for holding your pet while they are out scouring for prey, this cage as well outstanding for holding your pet's food and toys while they are out scouring for food.