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Bird Cage Lanai

This open bird parrot cage with seed guard rolling stand 469 is a new choice for in it grants a simple look and is terrific for opening up the cage, this one comes with a seed guard and rolling stand for effortless transport.

Bird Cage Lanai Amazon

This bird cage is fabricated of wood, metal, and plastic with a green and silver color, it gives a new rolling stand to keep the bird in and out of the way. The cage is a first rate size for a small pet or a large pet, it is conjointly facile to clean with a simple interior design. This large, modern bird cage is top for children or parents who appreciate to play, the play space is imaginatively designed with a sunbeam shining through the window and outside, into the cage, where children can fly away and explore the world around them. The seed guard stand ensures that seeds and eggs are safe from predators and the door opens to allow children to fly out and back in, this bird parrot cage is an unequaled addition to each home and can provide hours of fun for children and parents. This open bird parrot cage with seed guard rolling stand 469 is a new and unique cage for your bird, it comes with a rolling stand for uncomplicated storage and is manufactured of strong plastic. The parrot will have plenty of room to fly and explore, and the seed guard will keep the cage clean and free of pests, this bird cage is best-in-the-class for your bird's needs and is available now. This large open bird parrot cage with seed guard stand is unequaled for your bird family, it is produced from powder-coated brass and is about 941 size. It renders a large door that is open, and a small door that closes, the parrot can easily get into the cage, and also gives a seed guard stand on it. This cages can be easily left and right to make it a best-in-class living room or garage for your bird.