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Bird Cage Shelf

This is a large, open-top made of hardwood with a slide out tray and waterproof black finish, the biggest feature is the 52 in length of the wire brush hanger on the wall. It can be easily reached with a hand trowel, the bird cages come with a large green awning.

Top 10 Bird Cage Shelf

This bird cages metal choice extends a spacious interior for your bird, as well as a table to store supplies and toys, the Shelf could use a bit of organization, but overall it's an attractive and sturdy cage. The feeders are well-made and provide a good amount of food for your bird, while the Shelf is fantastic for storing toys and other supplies, this bird cage is a sterling addition to your home and will never have to worry about its safety as it presents a strong and stable design. This caged bird will be able to find its own food and sleep when in its new home, this caged bird cage is a terrific way to provide stability to your home and keep your birds safe and comfortable. Even in the sun, the shelves are made of metal and the top provides a zip-up flap to keep the bird from falling. The shear beauty of the design this uc berkeley ornithologist of the year bird cages must-have item.