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Brass Bird Cage

This petite 8 bird cage is manufactured of vintage solid brass, and is a practical addition to your home office or bird sanctuary, the bird house is straightforward to set up and is exceptional for 8 to 10 birds, and the caged birds make a fantastic attraction for birds of a different color or size. Order your Brass bird cage today and get rush pricing on shipping.

Brass Bird Cage Stand

This Brass bird cage is a first-class addition to home garden, the metal frame and provide stable storage for your birds food and toys. The metal lid provides a pleasant temperature range for your birds, and the feeders provide nectar and eggs, the outstanding addition for an interesting and utilitarian home, vintage - Brass - bird cage is a splendid addition to your collection. This Brass bird cage stand is an unrivaled substitute to add a bit of luxury to your home office or office space, the stand gives a sturdy design and is produced of brass, making it a durable and consistent piece. It renders a blue color that will look excellent in any room, the stand is again versatile for other such items as baskets, feeders and so on. This is a top-notch vintage Brass bird cage in excellent condition, it is manufactured from heavy Brass and is from the 1960 it this type of cage that is used to protect birds from being seen by predators and also to provide peace of mind for the owner. This one is about 20 inches long by 15 inches wide and renders a few small chips on the bottom but is otherwise in very good condition, this top-of-the-line old Brass bird cage is a beneficial addition to your vintage styled home. The bird house is fabricated of solid Brass and the bars are Brass plated, the bird may also be hired as a pet or pet bird. This Brass bird cage is a best-in-class way for people who grove on birds.