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Flight Bird Cage

This Flight bird cage is a sterling size for your cockatiels, it is large enough to house their body and still have a small enough size to hold their wings and head. The black is an enticing color for your birds and they make a terrific addition to your yard.

Flight Bird Cages

This 30-inch Flight bird cage for cockatiels is for two cockatiels, it's a top-notch value for the money and will keep your cockatiels safe and comfortable. This cage offers an open-top design for air and space, and is slide-out tray for food and water, it is fabricated of neoprene for comfort and safety. This is a high-quality canary bird cages made with many boards in different colors to match any home's decor, the cage stand is terrific for keeping your finches close by; and if you need to move them around, the stand will help keep their little head still. This bird cage is for finches that are need to be able to fly, it is a good size for and gives a lot of ventilation for air flow. The cage is manufactured of strong materials that will not damage your finches, it as well made to be very sturdy and is very well made. This is a large, sturdy Flight bird cage with an unique toy canary aviary design, the canary is allowed to fly to from his own little puddle of water while the birds are away, and he loves investigate everything that is going on! The top of the cage is filled with soft white rice, and there are also several small toys available for the birds to explore. The cage is big enough for two birds, and is first-rate for large birds like me or larger birds that need to be kept with plenty of space.