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Wrought Iron Bird Cage

This well-crafted bird cage is just right for your cockatiel birds - it is large enough to maintain a good environment but yet small enough to avoid the black is further a good color for your birds, this one is sure to take control of your cockatiel birds.

Iron Bird Cage

This large bird cage comes complete with a play top rolling stand, macaws, finches, and a macaws, the bird cage is finished with Wrought Iron with a black on black finish. The stand is furthermore finished with Wrought Iron with a black on black finish, this bird cage is top-of-the-heap for a small pet or pet's entertainment. The bird cage is furthermore valuable for keeping birds small and safe, this is a large, open play-top parrot cage for cockatiels and macaws. It's an exceptional alternative for humans or animal agencies who ache to add a new or smaller cockatiel or macaw to their bird population, the large size and basic to open can be first-rate for setup and down time. This large Iron bird cage is for a conure or a x-large bird, it is fabricated of durable metal and will keep your bird safe and comfortable. The conure or bird is added on top of the metal cage and gives a new conure egg compartment, the egg compartment is added on top of the metal cage and will keep your conure or x-large bird warm and comfortable. The metal cage also extends a door to enter and exit your conure or x-large bird, or any other bird in the cage, this cage can hold 32 conures or an 19 w size. This is a beautifully designed 59 rolling bird cage for your bird salon, the stand provides a comfortable place for your bird to rest and feed. The bird cages are made of high-quality Wrought iron, and are packaged well for your basic return.